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Playing Baseball Well Requires Core Strength

pbbBaseball is still America’s favorite pastime. Many people participate in the sport on many different levels. Most people, however, don’t think of it as an aerobic event. But baseball does focus on explosive power for hitting and short sprint running and provides a score of fitness benefits. Getting in shape for the game is extremely important.

Strength Training

“One of the key ingredients in training is building core strength–abdominal muscles, low back, and oblique muscles,” says Mark Cibrario, strength and conditioning coach at Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, Illinois. Cibrario also helps with OMEP.

As a trainer for high school athletes in a variety of sports, Cibrario’s personal favorite is baseball. “You are competing against yourself. It’s between you and the ball–like golf. You are constantly challenging yourself. Even when you are in the field, you are testing yourself on how you react and play.” Continue reading

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